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What is melcalc?

MELcalc is the first software that can manage and calculate Inverter compressor advantageous properties at partial load. It is also the most advanced calculation program that obviously takes account of inverter technology for our heat pumps.


Via MELcalc you as an installer easily make energy calculations and based on a simple input the model analyze how an existing building energy performance should be. You can then quickly determine whether and which energy savings can be made by comparing the actual consumption.


Why MELcalc?

MELcalc available as a tool for installers and security for the end customer. By making calculations in MELcalc provides easy until the heat pump that best suits the customer’s purposes, without having to “take a chance”. MELcalc do the thinking for you and make sure to dimension the right size of the heat pump. This provides both the installer and the end user greater security in the choice of the heat pump. The installation is as optimal and affordable for the plant as possible simply!


How does MELcalc work?

Before the energy calculation can be done in MELcalc visiting installer end customer to collect all the data he or she might need. These parameters are then put into MELcalc and an estimate drawn up. This calculation results, which include both the installer’s logo and contact information as well as Mitsubishi Electric’s log, can then be attached along with the quote to the end customer. That said, a safety for both the installer and the end user!

It‘s never been easier to make complex calculations! So what are you waiting for?